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How to visit Mcleodganj | Dharamsala| Itinerary Triund Trek

Top places to visit in Mcleodganj, HP, India

McLeod Ganj is a beautiful town in  Dharamshala, in Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated at a height of 2,082 meters (6,831 feet) and is located in the lap of Dhauladhar Range, a part of southern external Himalayas. This is the town where Dalai Lama fled from Tibet for the first time and the town is also a spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism. It has very less population is really famous for its simplicity, waterfalls, trek to the triund hill and for a large number of monasteries preaching Buddhism.

Best time to visit

  • March to June is the best time to visit here and the temperature ranges from 22-38 °C. You will enjoy the sightseeing during this time and can also follow your interests like paragliding and trekking. 
  • During July and August, the town experiences a heavy rainfall and not a good time to visit. 
  • December to January is the coldest time and all the mountains get covered with heavy snowfall. It's the best time to visit for honeymooners.

How to visit Mcleodganj:

Mcleodganj is just about 5.4 Km from Dharamsala. If you are traveling from Delhi, you can take a bus (Volvo) or an HRTC bus or rent a car. The bookings for the bus can be done online. The bus will take you directly there. The buses are easily available and service is provided to and fro. 
1)First go directly to Mcleodganj take the sightseeing tour, visit the trek and then go for sightseeing in Dharamsala.
2)Hotels are easily available but it is preferred to do the bookings online. The weather sometimes gets really chilly so do not forget to take warm clothes.
3) If you are going on the triund trek, it is highly recommended to take a guide with you which will take around 1500/- per person which includes camping at the triund hill, bonfire and the dinner and refreshments in the path.

Top places to visit in Mcleodganj

1) Bhagsunath Temple:

Bhagsunath Mcleodganj

A medieval holy place, Bhagsunath is Shiva Temple located around 3kms from the city center. The temple has been worshiped by the Hindus and the Gorkha Community. The temple is really popular for its two pools that is believed to have healing powers. The best time to visit Bhagsunath Temple is during the month of September also you can have a bath in the sacred pool.

2) Bhagsu Waterfall:

Bhagsu Mcleodganj

The Bhagsu waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls and one of the top places to visit in Mcleodganj and is just a Km away from the Bhagsunath temple. You need to trek to the waterfall as there's no motorway to reach it. One can reach the Bhagsu waterfall by taking the east Bhagsu road. You can walk through the stairs just passing by the Bhagsunath temple and the pool. Well there's an awesome view upstairs, you will enjoy the shower.

3) Dalai Lama Temple

Dalai Lama Temple

The Dalai Lama temple is situated at a just short walk from the city's bus stand, upside. As soon as you enter the temple you will feel inner peace. It is covered with flags all over it and you will see a lot of monks who come to worship and preach Buddhist teachings.

4) St. John's Church


This beautiful church is situated in the dense forest, near to Mcleodganj- Dharamsala road and easily accessible and dedicated to Lord Elgin, one of the viceroys of India. It has amazing glass windows and a beautiful architectural design. The St. John church is a must visit the place. Also, you can click selfies in the beautiful area surrounding it.

5) Dal Lake

Dal Lake Mcleodganj

Dal Lake is a little water body, which is one of the touring attractions of McLeodganj. The lovely lake is situated at a height of 1,775 m above ocean level, near to Tota Rani. Surrounded by deodar, pines and oak trees and can be a good picnic spot. You can also do boating in the lake. You can take an auto or a taxi to reach there. You should first go to 'Naddi view point' and then while returning back you can visit here. Approx sightseeing time: 30min

6) Triund Trek

Triund Mcleodganj

This is the most important and most beautiful sightseeing of McLeodganj, this is the place for which adventurous people and trek lovers visit here and you should keep a whole day for this sightseeing.
Must things to take and prepare for, before going on the trek:
  • Please ensure that you are fit for the trek as it will be a steep climb through the deep forests, people with high blood pressure should not go for this.
  • It is highly recommended that you hire a guide for the trek which will take around 1500 INR per person which includes three meals- one during the trek(upside), one after reaching the top(if you camp there), one in the morning next day. Moreover, the fee includes camping.
  • Do not forget to take the water bottle, a stick, medicines, woolen clothes, compass, electric torch and some snacks along with you
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes so that it is easy to overcome the rocky path.
You can return the same day or camp at the top of the Triund hill. You can also continue the journey further and go up to the snow line, but you should always be prepared for the bad weather as it may rain anytime. 
But when you reach the top, you will feel like you have come to the paradise! Yes, it will feel awesome and you will me mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the hill. You should definitely visit the Triund Hill.


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